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product sheet

Copper Sulfate

Acidified Copper SulfateAcidified Copper Sulfate

Old Bridge Minerals’ Acidified Copper Sulfate has been specifically formulated for use in the dairy industry. The product offers benefits over more traditional footbaths based on tetracycline, formaldehyde, copper sulfate or other chemicals. The lower pH of Acidified Copper Sulfate insures that more copper goes into solution, reducing your costs and providing a more efficient operation. The product is especially efficient in areas with hard water.


Old Bridge Minerals, Inc.
554 Waterworks Rd.
Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857

Typical Analysis

Common Name: Acidified Copper Sulfate
Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate: 80-85%
Citric Acid: 15-20%
Lead: 25 ppmIron: 200 ppm
Cadmium: 3 ppm maximum
Arsenic: 2 ppm maximum
Antimony: 3 ppm maximum


ppm – parts per million
Manufactured in the United States of America