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ZINC compounds

ZINC manufacturer in New Jersey

Zinc is a vital micronutrient for human, animal and plant growth and corrosion control

Our compounds can be used directly for these purposes or also can be a starting material for a number of other products and applications. Our primary zinc products are zinc sulfate and zinc chloride.

zinc compounds

All of our Zinc Sulfate is made exclusively from Zinc Oxide and all our Zinc Chloride is made exclusively from Zinc Metal based raw materials

Our Raw Material Gurantee

Domestic primary sources only
No scrap material used
American made from American materials
no organics in material used to manufacture our products
Regularly tested for Dioxins and PCBs
Our products are certified by
GSA certified and approvedOSHA certified and approvedEPA certified and approved

Zinc Sulfate

zinc sulfatezinc sulfatezinc sulfatezinc sulfatezinc sulfatezinc sulfate

At Old Bridge Chemicals, we produce over 3 million pounds of Zinc Sulfate monthly. Our Zinc Sulfate is 100% soluble in water and  manufactured as a batch process with two separate production lines as powder or granular. As well as being NSF Approved, it is also certified for use as organic crop fertilizers, organic soil amendments and organic animal feed.

As the largest manufacturer, we have the ability to lot select in order to meet your specific needs. We can guarantee that our material is regularly tested for Dioxins and PCB’s. Old Bridge Chemical's Zinc Sulfate is always American Made from American Materials.

Zinc Sulfate is used for

An  important mineral nutritional component in animal feeds
Alongside with copper sulfate control and prevent foot rot in cows, cattle, and sheep
Correction of Zinc deficiency in soils, as a fertilizer or spray
As an electrolyte for zinc plating
To control moss growth on roofs

Zinc Chloride

At Old Bridge Chemicals, our Zinc Chloride is manufactured in batches with separate production lines. It is available in Solution Form only and we produce multiple concentrations. We have USP/FCC Grade available.

Old Bridge Chemical's Zinc Chloride  is always American Made from American Materials.

Zinc Chloride is used for

Water treatment and waste treatment
Metallurgical fluxes
Dry cell batteries
Rubber vulcanization
Oil and petroleum applications
A variety of applications in textile processing