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water treatment
MINERAL manufacturers

Old Bridge Mineral’s copper and zinc are used frequently in water treatment for drinking water, industrial water supply, personal pond care and for swimming pools

Copper is widely used for this purpose due to its natural long-term antimicrobial potency and algae control.  Zinc is primarily used in water treatment for corrosion control of water carrying pipes.

We provide product customizations to meet your specific needs.

Old Bridge Chemicals is a trusted brand in the industrial industry due to our certifications, quality guarantee and traceability of our product. Understanding the source and manufacturing of Copper and Zinc based minerals, while ensuring their quality, is essential to us and in every decision we make.
Our deep understanding of how to manufacture Copper and Zinc based minerals is our core foundation and a vital part of the superior quality, consistency and service that we provide. Additionally, as the largest manufacturer of Copper and Zinc based minerals, we are able to provide product customizations to meet your specific needs.
certified by
EPA certified and approvedHACCP certified and approvedOMRI listed for organic use


copper sulfatecopper sulfatecopper sulfatecopper sulfate crystals

Our Copper Qualities

As an aquatic herbicide, copper sulfate pentahydrate is widely used for short-term management of algae. As a potent compound, Copper Sulfate can be used to clear out problems within your pipes. Copper Sulfate is particularly effective in clearing root growth from pipes, killing roots safely and quickly.

copper is nfs approved
Copper Sulfate is EPA and PMRA Certified to used as a pesticide
Copper Sulfate is certified for use in organic pest control


zinc sulfatezinc sulfatezinc sulfate

Our Zinc Qualities

Zinc sulfate functions as a corrosion inhibitor in cooling towers and municipal water systems to prevent corrosion and heavy damage to the facilities, which consist of heavy and expensive equipment. It is an herbicide typically used for moss control. Zinc Chloride solutions is used in many wastewater treatment plants where it is added in small doses to help both purify the water and act as a clarifying agent. The ZnCl2 can also provide protection to metal distribution systems.

Zinc is NSF approved